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Y'all these last couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. I had no idea being a hermit came with so many emotions. I was pretty sure it was just sipping coffee and listening to birds chirp and getting all the chores done that I never have time to do and having quality time with my family. Well, there is coffee. A couple of birds ran into the windows (not because they were clean) and I assume they chirped when that happened, although I did not hear it. And there may actually be more chores than before this all started. The forced quality time is not what my three teenage daughters had in mind and miss their friends. My introverted husband is stuck in a house with four extroverts. The dog, however, loves quarantine life.

There have been many highs and lows as my family adapted to a new normal, but last week was especially hard. In the best moments, we are laughing and creating and bonding. In the worst moments, I am laying on my kitchen floor in tears because the ice cream scoop is dirty. 

There are a couple of phrases I have been repeating in my head to combat the negativity and try not to end up in another crying heap on the floor.  I also needed a little wall decor refresh so I created a few inspirational printables for my kitchen gallery wall. I wanted to share them with y'all in case anyone else needed a reminder that they are chosen and they have a choice toward good in these uncertain times. So check out these fun, FREE, printables for a little inspiration and wall decor refresh! 




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  • Love “I Choose to Praise “!
    Like them all

    • Emily Jennings
  • I love this and the sweet message behind them! Thank you for the daily inspiration ❤

    • Hannah Gencay